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[Announcement of appointment of external auditor (change)]

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Announcement of appointment of external auditor (change)]

the establishment of shareholders

The Company announces the appointment of an external auditor from Hanyoung Accounting Corporation to Samjeong Accounting Corporation from the 18th period (2017.01.01 to December 31, 2017) in accordance with the audit approval under the Act on External Audit of Stock Companies.

the external subtraction method

Article 4 (Appointment and Dismissal of Auditors) 회사 When appointing auditors, the company shall obtain approval from the auditor appointment committee with secured expertise and independence.

③ When an auditor is appointed pursuant to paragraph (2), the company shall report such fact to the regular general meeting under Article 365 of the Commercial Act (hereinafter referred to as the "regular general meeting") or notify or publicly announce the shareholders as prescribed by Presidential Decree.

Enforcement Decree of the External Audit Act

Article 3-2 (Appointment Committee for Auditors, etc.)

⑥ A notice or public notice to shareholders pursuant to Article 4 (3) of the Act shall be made immediately after appointing an auditor by any of the following methods:

1. Notification in writing or electronic documents. In this case, the shareholders subject to notification shall be the shareholders on the date of the recent closure of the shareholders' list.

2. Announcement on the Internet homepage of the corporation. In such cases, the period of public notice shall be until the end of the business year subject to audit.

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